Wiring production

Here you'll find the various types of wiring made for the different sectors in which our customers operate
Wiring for railways sector

Teknotel assembly and wiring has the latest equipment for railways sector. 

Electrical Power Wiring

When we say electrical power Wiring be intend the wiring that furnishes equipment by high and low voltage electricity.

In our department that produces Electrical Power Wiring we use cables that have a fixed setup and a mobile setup, with a double protective sheath resistant to oils, gasoline and high temperatures.

Teknotel Assembly and Wiring produces for the following sectors:

  • Electro-medical
  • Automation
  • Entertainment equipment
  • Electricity Production
  • Electronics
  • etc..
Wiring for military sector

In this particular sector of the market we are partners in a company with headquarters in Europe, which manufactures electronic equipment for the military in particular the aviation.

For copyright reasons and confidentiality we cannot show you pictures of wiring done for the military.

Wiring for LEDs and Sensors

One of the departments of Teknotel Assembly and Wiring is dedicated to the creation of special wiring for Led and Sensors.

In addition
we also produce cables with micro switchesand we also do special operations such as resin finishing and hermetic sealing, shielding installations, installation of sheath against impact, crushing and variations in temperature. .

Wiring for electro-medical applications

Our wiring largely meets the electro-medical needs of this sector.

Teknotel Assembly and Wiring in our department that produce Cabling for electro-medical applications have done jobs that ensure quality workmanship and the highest quality materials, which satisfy specific requirements and are subjected to certain technical standards.

Wiring Cables

Teknotel Assembly and Wiring designs cable wiring on large boards with a big number of conductors.
Our engineering department creates the boards for cabling and the testing of the wiring.

Wiring for phones

Wiring for telephony were the first products produced by Teknotel Assembly and Wiring.
Over time, we have created different types of telephony cabling.

Wiring for Automation

Thewiring for Automation that we produce is mainly used in the production chain links and in the Torsion Automatedrobots.

Teknotel assembly and wiring is a top leader in the sector of wiring for automation because it possesses the technology necessary to do this particular type of j

Wiring for electronics

Certainly electronics and wiring of every type covers an important role in everyday life.
The electronic wiring is composed of a wide range of connectors and contacts.

– Perforation of the insulation
– Crimping
– Soldering
– Micro-connectors
– Small step connectors
– Insertion at different angles

Tecknotel assembly and wiring for the electronic industry has a well-stocked warehouse that can meet any urgent request.

Wiring for photovoltaic

The cables used in the production of wiring for photovoltaic panels guarantee a duration of well over twenty years.

Cables that, Teknotel uses for wiring the photovoltaic panels, maintain their electrical characteristics constant over time, ensuring constant production and conduction of electricity.

Wiring for textile machinery

Cable is signed as LIYY, has a robust and elastic outer sheath which gives the cable high resistance and flexibility characteristics.
Despite the large number of conductors, the cable presents a outer diameter with small dimensions

Wiring must be worked with carebecause the outer sheath is sensitive to variations in temperature.

Structured wiring

Teknotel wiring and assembly provides all the components and creates structured wiring for networks we also assemble but do not install rack cabinets and rack panels.

Structured cabling systems can integrate on a single network signals of different nature: voice, data, video, etc.

Wiring for video games

Teknotel Assembly and Wiring designs and manufactures wiringharnesses for game rooms and bars, and assembles aachinesin the entertainment sector.

For this area we provide our customers withpersonal advice called “on site collaboration”, we provide technical advice make suggestions in the creation ofcustom cables, if necessary on the customer’s premises.

Very often our well-stocked warehouse becomes a source of inspiration to solve complex problems that often characterize the particular nature of the wiring videogames.

Data transmission cables

Teknotel Assembly and Wiring produced wiring harnesses for data transmission.

Cables used in electronics to transmit data and commands in all types of applications require reduced diameters and sheaths that are particularly resistant.

Cables used in electronics to transmit data and commands in all types of applications require reduced diameters and sheaths that are particularly resistant.

Flat wiring cables

Teknotel assembly and wiring has the latest equipment for the wiring of flat cables.

Flat Cables are generally used to transfer data and for example those used to cable hard disks.


Crimping is the technique that allows to physically and electrically connect an electrical cable to an appropriate termination or connector.

Automatic crimping

Teknotel Assembly and Wiring haslast generation automatic machinerythat makes the job processing very fast.

The speed with which we carry out the work also allows for smaller tasks to benefit from a lower production cost.

Semi-automatic crimping

We can crimp round, flat, and shielded wires etc. , with a semi-automatic mode.

Tecknotel Assemby and Wiring is equipped with machines that crimp, strip cut the excess sheath and check the holding in a single operation.

Our equipmentensures quality of the job at the maximum production speeds. .

Assembly and cabling machines

Teknotel Assembly and Wiringis specialized in assembly of manufactured goods for the railways sector, electrical mechanical and electro-mechanical industry practically those that have electrical components and other particular components in plastic.


Assembly and cabling machines

Specifically Teknotel Assembly and Wiring is capable of producing the complete assembly of an apparatus, ensuring all the aspects of production, starting with the management, creation, packaging and finishing off with the distribution of the finished product.
The industrial sectors which we are currently working for are:

– Railways sector
– Telephony

– Electro-medical applications
– Entertainment equipment
Service machines

We are equipped with pneumatic and electrical tools to build equipment to test the final product, if not provided by the customer.

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