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Quality | Teknotel


Quality of Service, as we understand, involves understanding the customer and satisfying accurately customer’s demands.

  • Accuracy.
  • Precise Answers.
  • Security.
  • Quality of the Materials.

must not only be checked, but must be insured at all time.

For this reason Teknotel Assembly and Wiring has decided to use Quality as a fundamental key for its success.
According to the current regulations of quality management, we need to ensure that the job order produced quality-wise make them fully compatible with the demands, needs and expectations of the customer.

The operations performed during the wiring process are described in Operating Manuals to guarantee the repeatability in these procedures; there are specified quality standards that the operations must achieve in the various stages of the production.

The Operating Manuals are constantly updated according to the ISO regulations.

  • the procedures are modified according to the known processes;
  • staff is constantly being upgraded and trained;
  • testing equipment is calibrated continuously;
  • the machines periodically undergo maintenance.

We hereby attach all our certificates of quality.