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Production | Teknotel


The production of the wiring is done with special care. Teknotel Assembly and Wiring can count on the best suppliers of materials, with great consideration in optimizing costs.
For the making of our products we use top of the range machinery, controlled by highly specialized computer systems, optimized processes are performed if the client demands them.
Teknotel Assembly and Wiring is capable of producing wiring for almost all types of electrical applications in the field of industrial equipment, in addition can produce special wiring for specific areas or detailed unique tasks.
Principle operations of production:

  • Unipolar, Multipolar, Flat, coaxial shielded Cross-Part Unit cables
  • Semiautomatic Unsheathe/stripping
  • Automatic Seaming “with a computer that operates independently, making it able to work without an operator” (controlled by leak-proof dynamometer)
  • Facing and Grooving tinning
  • Welding and pre-welding in tin
  • Labelling
  • Mounting shielded sheaths and non shielded sheaths
  • Electrical Tests (pin out to
  • Various Assemblies

Our testing department is equipped with modern equipment for testing short-circuits and the continuity test.

It would be a great pleasure to work with you and have the opportunity to explain our capabilities and potential.
Some of the main areas that are recently covered by Teknotel Assembly and Wiring.

  • Sensors
  • Electro-medical
  • Textile
  • Electronics
  • Telephony
  • Military
  • Entertainment