Covid19: Teknotel Cablaggi srl manufactures wiring for lung ventilation systems, commissioned by an important Emilian company, production in record time.

New resin manufacturing cable assemblies and electronic circuit boards

Teknotel S.r.l. has specialized in processing resin.


Teknotel Assembly and Wiring is a Reliable and Consolidated reality.

3000 different cables (Custom-made) designed and implemented in collaboration with the customer, this is the testimony of the quality and production capability we achieved over the years .

Teknotel Assembly and Wiring is a partner of important and demanding Companies engaged in the following sectors:

Telecommunications; Industrial Electronics; Electro-medical applications; Military Automation; Textile.

Teknotel Assembly and Wiring through capability, competence and willingness, has won the confidence and approval of their customers and deserve to be categorized among the best suppliers of electrical assemblies and connections on the market today.

Quotation example of Wiring for LVDS/TFT/LCD

cablaggio_per LVDS_LCD_TFT.jpg

Custom Prices with our quotation
Example quotation even for Small Quantity Orders.

Examples, Wiring and Connections as seen on photo
Quantity: items from 50 to 100 pieces
Length: 200 mm
price each.: 17,50 Euro + Taxes
delivery: not included
Special Quotations for Orders of a certain quantity.
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New process: Potting electronic boards with resin

Teknotel S.r.l. has specialized in processing resin. Teknotel ensure to components an high meccanic resistance to shocks, a great thermal resistance and a complete protection against atmosferic and chemical agents.
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Teknotel and potting resin of cables and electronic boards.jpg